Child Orthodontics

  • Even though most people think of pre-teens and teens when they think of orthodontics, there are good reasons your child should get an orthodontic evaluation much sooner. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a check-up with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7.


    Removable braces

    Removable braces are unobtrusive and are especially well tolerated with our younger patients. They are helpful in expanding narrow jaws when adult teeth erupt and start to crowd. They are also indicated for the correction of crossbites, deep overbites and reverse bites.


    Functional braces

    Functional braces are a form of removable brace which are worn in both upper and lower jaws. They improve jaw relationships and poor bites by matching upper and lower teeth together in growing patients. They work by holding the lower jaw in a forward position and hence help to harmonise the facial appearance. The ideal time to use this brace is during the pubertal growth spurt to help take advantage of the normal facial growth that is already occurring.

    We will explain the advantages of this brace option to you and how to achieve the best results. It is nearly always necessary to complete treatment with fixed braces in order to fine tune the alignment and the bite.


    Fixed braces

    Fixed braces consist of a series of small square attachments (brackets) cemented to the teeth. These brackets are highly sophisticated as every tooth has its own unique bracket design engineered to achieve optimal final tooth position and angulation.

    They are available as either ceramic or mini metal brackets. The cosmetic brackets blend in with the colour of the teeth.

    Invisible braces

    Invisible brace options are suitable for less complex cases and are a popular alternative to fixed braces as they are discrete in appearance and can be removed during meals and for cleaning.



    After completion of orthodontic treatment, teeth tend to slip back towards their original positions. This, if allowed to happen, is known as "relapse". The part of orthodontic treatment which prevents relapse is called "Retention". We regard retention and the long term stability as one of the most important and difficult parts of orthodontic care.

    We combine the use of removable and fixed retainers. Removable retainers are usually made of a thin sheet of clear plastic molded to fit over the teeth during the night. Fixed retainers consist of fine customised wires bonded to the inner surfaces of the upper and lower front teeth, which are invisible and unobtrusive.

    There are certain dental problems which are more prone to relapse such as twisted, overlapping or spaced teeth as well as certain types of treatment such as arch widening or moving lower incisors forward. 


    Contact one of our childrens orthodontist to take care of your childs dental care. Our children orthodontist comes with many years of experience and will discuss with you the best possible solutions to maintain your childrens detal hygiene always in good health. 

Fissure sealants are white, plastic coatings that are painted onto the biting surface of the back teeth. These biting surfaces are criss‐crossed with tiny hills (pits) and valleys (fissures), which provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.


Good dental care begins before a baby's first tooth appears. Just because you can't see the teeth doesn't mean they aren't there. Teeth actually begin to form in the second trimester of pregnancy. At birth, your baby has 20 primary teeth, some of which are fully developed in the jaw.


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